Our Mission

is to honor Dave Fons’ dedication to truck safety by advocating, educating, providing resources for accident survivors, and promoting construction-related education.

Provide resources and support to survivors and families affected by truck-related accidents
Promote truck safety through advocacy, education, and raising awareness of risks on roadways.
Promote construction-related education through the Dave Fons Memorial Fund Scholarship

About Dave Fons

Dave Fons was a husband of 42 years, a father of three, and grandfather of five. He was also an hard-working entrepreneur his whole life. Dave truly loved his work. He was in the earthmoving and road construction business, and even at a young age, was a dedicated and talented heavy equipment operator, a passion that never ceased even as business ownership took over. He ran a successful company, Fonson Inc, from 1978 to 2014. Even while on vacation, Dave would scour the area for similar projects to his, making new friends and offering advice. He never outgrew the sandbox, and passed his love of all things dirt to his sons. Dave was a member of the Michigan Road Builders Association, the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association, and the International Union of Operating Engineers.

About the Crash

Dave was involved in a fatal automobile crash while visiting his son and his family in Fort Myers, Florida. Dave was driving a compact vehicle and was hit by a fully loaded dump truck that failed to yield to a red light. He likely died upon impact and was pronounced dead at the scene. As Dave was involved in the construction and aggregate industry, it was truly ironic that his life ended the way it did. His family found a greater meaning in his death and created the Dave Fons Memorial Fund for the Advocacy of Truck Safety just days after his death. It was important for them to make an effort to help other families in their position, as well as prevent other tragedies like this from occurring.

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