For All Drivers

Resources for All Drivers

Large Trucks have operating limitations that make it essential for other vehicles to place extra attention on safety when sharing the road with them. We have included several resources to help you take simple actions to make the roads safer for everyone.

Sharing the Road

There are many ways to stay safe when sharing the roads with trucks. These techniques keep drivers and passengers safe, as well as truck drivers. 

For more safety tips for sharing the road, we encourage you to download our guide to Sharing the Road. For more guides, please also visit the website for the Michigan Center for Truck Safety at

Safe Driving Tips

Staying Safe

Because you cannot control whether a truck driver will operate their vehicle safely, you could also take steps to ensure your personal safety when operating a vehicle. These steps include:

For more information on how to protect your personal safety while driving, we encourage you to download our guide to Staying Safe.


If you see an truck that is being unsafe, what can you do? If you witness a truck driver speeding, tailgating, passing illegally or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner, you can report the driver to the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Go to the FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Database here:

If you feel that the truck driver is driving so unsafely that he is an immediate threat to other drivers on the road, please pull off to a safe area and contact local law enforcement.

Resources for Victims & Families