For Survivors

Resources for Survivors & their Loved Ones

Being involved in or losing a loved one in a truck crash is a very difficult and unique experience. The resources below are aimed to help you navigate the incredibly trying time after a truck crash.

Coping with Loss

If you have lost a loved one in a truck related crash, know you are not alone. No matter what the circumstances of your loss or who it is you have lost, grief is an inevitable and intense psychological reaction that is unlike anything else you will experience. That said, the loss of a loved one in a truck-related accident often brings up additional issues for the survivor. This can complicate the grieving process for years due to the many “what-ifs.” Most vehicular crashes happen on a normal day. You say goodbye to a family member and fully expect them to return home. Instead, they never return home and you are given the worse message of your life. Having no psychological preparation can be extremely traumatic.

Some ways to help you cope

Who Can Help?

When you lose a loved one in a trucking accident, there are often some time-sensitive steps you may need to take, especially if someone is at fault. You may need to hire a private investigator and/or legal counsel. These individuals have experience in auto accidents and can put time-sensitive steps in motion from the get-go. There is often a feeling of being powerless when losing a loved one in a truck crash and one usually has many unanswered questions. This step can help you regain some power and may help to give you some answers and closure.

If you feel like you need help coping with the loss of your loved one in a truck crash, you may want to seek help from a mental health professional, clergy, or support group. The Truck Safety Coalition also has a number of volunteers who have lost a loved one in a trucking accident available to speak with. 

Share Your Story

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